Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Rates are commensurate with services provided and session length as follows:

In person Session 

1/2 Hour $150+

1 Hour $275+

Additional Hour $250

Virtual Session/Consultations

1/4 Hour $50

1/2 Hour $85

  1 Hour  $160

Additional Hour $150

Appearances & Outings

2 Hour Min @ $450 

Additional Hour $ 210

*Demos at parties with additional charge and waiver based on number of participants*

Half Day Dynamic Outing-Subjugation

4 Hours $875 + Activity Expenses

Additional hour $200

Full Day Dynamic Outing-Subjugation

7 Hours $ 1675 + Activity Expenses

Additional hour $190

Rates include State of Hawaii/City and County of Honolulu Sales tax and set up/take down fee. 


**Discounts are available for Seniors, Veteran/Active Military, Teachers and Referrals**

Customized packages along with weekly or monthly pricing plans are available at lower customer loyalty rates.

Bookings require 30% deposit and are non-refundable for client cancellations. 

Charges appear as Alternate Reality Enterprises 

Where are you located ?

Honolulu, Hawaii  (Oahu)

Conveniently nestled between Ala Moana and Downtown just minutes from Waikiki. Private intimate non-descript setting.  Feline mascot on premises.

What are the hours of operation?

Monday-Friday 6:00pm - 12:00am

Saturday & Sunday 12:00 pm -12:00am 

Special appointments outside normal hours are available with advance notice.

Contact Me to book your in-person or virtual session or consultation.

How can I list my products or services?

Contact Me to discuss options for affiliates.

How can I show support or send gifts?

Tribute is always appreciated as it helps with expansion and improvements of equipment, wardrobe, and maintenance

If you prefer to bring a gift to session, My sizing and item preferences can be provided upon request. 

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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