Hawaii Lockdown Continues: Are you okay? Free Wellness Check Video Conference

All of the Hawaiian Islands are currently closed to tourism and all other non essential business in an unprecedented measure to combat the spread of Covid-19. In all likelihood, the statewide "stay-at home" order is likely to remain in place for another month. Consequently, many Hawaii residents are experiencing depression era job loss with many unable to afford basic necessities of food, shelter, and transportation.

In response to these recent events, I have significantly increased monetary donations to local organizations, increased delivery takeout in support of local restaurants and will continue to give blood in an effort to help the best way I can. The one bright-side to all of this is more time for virtually connecting with love ones and friends locally as well as around the world since physically distancing from one another.

In that spirit, I am offering free wellness check video conferences as those in the kink community may find these times particularly isolating. To schedule a wellness appointment, contact Me at

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