Medical Benefits of indulging your kink

Many people benefit from a range of BDSM activities when conducted safely and responsibly. According to an article in Medical Daily, Dr. Sandra LaMorgese, a sexpert, professional dominatrix, fetishist, and a holistic practitioner in mind, body, and spiritual holistic living in New York City, N.Y., believes BDSM can help couples bond and feel at ease. “During BDSM sessions, clients often experience a release of dopamine and serotonin, the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. Benefits include increased intimacy and fidelity, improved communication, reduced stress and decreased anxiety.

As a BDSM practitioner, I have experienced first hand a how client's physiological and physicality transforms as tension is released in a successful session. While the ability to experience this within a committed relationship is ideal, it is often the case that clients have partners that do not share their interest in BDSM or may be a secret depending on the activity or fetish the client enjoys. A visit to your local BDSM professional may be just the "treatment" of what ails you and is a worthwhile investment in these trying and uncertain times.


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