Hawaii Kink offers a sensual eclectic mix of Domme, Life Coach, Mediator and Artistic professionalism for the ultimate immersive escape. Our current offerings are as follows: 


Personal Development & Lifestyle Optimization

Focus on self improvement and personal development with personal,  wellness and lifestyle coaching with an edge. I will  safely help you navigate and  develop the shadow/unconscious psyche. Become your greatest version by tacking your goals and challenges while you indulge your kink.

Wartenberg wheel on the background of shibari ropes. Bdsm backgrounds.jpg

Impact & Sensory Meditation

Physical engagement with innovative use of various implements such as whips, flogger, paddles, rods, electric wand, and other tools to explore your inner masochist.  Experience restriction of movement via cage and rope play along with sensory deprivation can be used to allow mental clarity and release of endorphins.  Clients may use other sensual tools available at their discretion to aid enjoyment of session.


Virtual Lifestyle Management

Digital sessions and consultations via personalized recorded videos and/or live video conference to include mediation for D/s partner disputes and/or Poly household.  Personalized Digital Domme life coaching programs are available for structured self improvement and goal settling/implementation. FinDom and subTracking accountability for pre-scheduled contact for those seeking professional continuous D/s immersion.


Total Client Immersion

Clients are encouraged explore themselves and fully immerse in the co-created alternate reality.  Clients are free to choose name/character, use atypical clothing or costume, and opt for use of mock D/s contract or protocols for in person and virtual session. Subjucation- Vacationers to Oahu or locals on staycation can get the full experience of a D/s dynamic with an extended immersion half day or full day session chosen level of protocol. May extend with advance notice. Can choose package for suggested itinerary to include sightseeing, servitude, or combination of both.


Personal Appearances & Events

One on event outings are available as a Domme Date to attend casual to the most formal functions. I am very versatile and adapt seamlessly to any environment or occasion.  Private party costume appearances are available such as birthday and stag parties. Light physical impact demos can be arranged at parties with signed waiver by host and participants. 

Niche adult themed event planning services for those seeking a truly unique celebration.


Pin Up & Cosplay

Add on option to sessions and appearances  for Vintage and cosplay styling with a kinky edge.

Era include 50s housewife and 30s decadent glamour

Character dress ranging from typical fairy tale, feminine villain, to silly video game avitar